About Us

The Voices of the Mainland is a non-profit spiritual singing group. The group was organized for the purpose of helping those in need, spiritually, academically, and financially. The members of this group do not receive any benefits from any of the proceeds that the group raise at any time, other than for transportation expenses to churches out of the county. The group donates all proceeds to charity work, give scholarships, and help any church that any time need financial assistance for any purpose.   The payment the group receives is the enjoyment of trying to sing praises to the almighty and helping those who are in need. The VOICES OF THE MAINLAND ARE AS NEAR YOU AS YOUR TELEPHONE.

Originally in 1966, the Founder & Manager was L.H. McCray

Secretary, Robert Maxey; Treasurer, Val Maxey; Chaplain, Doyle Brant; and Song Chorography Henry White.


The Motto: "Onward, Upward"


As of 2008; the Voices of the Mainland has grown tremendously in Soul, Mind & Body


      Melvin Hudnall -   35 years: Vocalist, Lead Guitarist & Keyboard

      Larry Brown -   14 years: Vocalist & Percussionist

        Willie Alexander 24 years: Lead Singer

        Bennie Ballard 42 years: Vocalist & Bass Guitarist

          Roy Nickerson - 23 years: Rhythm Guitarist

        {Center}   Maurice Nunn - 4 years: Vocalist & Bass Guitarist


Pictures Not Shown:

Henry Edwards 34 years: Percussionist      

We dedicate our music to those trailblazers before us who help started us on this journey